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John Shipley

The worst service I’ve ever experienced!!! Saturday night we call at 23:45 for Aylestone turns up at Aylestone Road. They then say that we weren’t there (well yeah of course!). We call up and when we speak to the guy, he hangs up on us!! We call back again and speak to a woman, she was actually quite helpful. Another 20 minuets she said, fair enough. So we wait..... we then call back and the guy answers it again. Claims that there is no booking....then answers us back and hangs up on us again. Terrible service. They did this to my partner and mother in law on Ladies Day at Leicester Racecourse the other month, and they left them stranded for 2 hours!!!! Avoid at all costs....seriously....avoid them as they are the worst!!!!!!!!!

Grace Elliott

Absolutely disgusting customer service tonight. I don't understand how some of these workers are employed. Extremely rude - picking me up in the middle of the road (holding up traffic & expecting me to cross the road and hop in the taxi whilst there was moving traffic around me), with no conversation for the whole journey, alongside 'tutting' at other drivers on the road & overtaking making me feel very uncomfortable. He then had the cheek to charge me £8 to get into town when I was made aware through text message that it would be £7. No welcome & no thank you. Absolutely disgraceful. I will not be using this taxi firm again & I advise anyone else not to also, as there are many other more professional companies in and around Leicester.

Toby Francis

Dishonest, I asked for a price on the phone and was quoted £18 for a journey. When we arrived at our destination I was asked to pay £23. The driver stated that there was an error in the office and I was quoted incorrectly. The driver further stated without hesitation where it had been booked for in error and the fare of £23 was correct. If the company and driver are both aware of the error, either call to notify the customer of the mistake in advance or honour the agreed price. The driver and company elected to neither. My thoughts are they care little about their customers or their reputation. I was left in a situation with my wife and young daughter, not wishing to argue the point. The grumpy driver did not give any indication he was interested in amicably resolving this issue. Avoid.

Neil Canham

A very reliable taxi company.modern clean cars friendly drivers Smooth efficient booking service .Vehicle always on time

Harry Laverick

Dropped our family off for a family holiday at East Midlands airport and was told that we had to pay the full amount for travel to and from East Midlands airport which we was told was £50 each way and was then asked for the full £100 up front which we happily paid when we asked for a receipt he didn't give us one. Once returned from the holiday the minibus had broken down leaving us stuck at the airport for over 2 hours being told that the minibus was only 2 minutes away when actually it was broken down. After the 2 hours of waiting in the rain at East Midlands airport at early hours of the morning 2 normal taxis were sent to take us home. A week later and they have turned up at my elderly grandparents house telling them that we owe them £35 when in fact they had overcharged us £30 for charging us £50 each way instead of £35 each way which we soon found out when visiting the taxi company to speak to a manager. Very bad service and feeling harrassed by this taxi company will not be using again!